Entrepreneurial Success and Contribution

In this summary, you will learn….

  • How Working in the Areas You Love and Keeping a Sense of Adventure Creates Success
  • How Creating A Fun Work Environment Will Help Retain Great Employees
  • How To Brand Yourself and Create an Instantly Recognizable Brand
  • How Innovative Entrepreneurship Can Make A Social Difference

About Richard Branson

Richard Branson
Founder and CEO of
the Virgin Group
Billionaire Social
Author, and
Dedicated Philanthropist

Richard Branson was born in London, England and began his first successful entrepreneurial efforts at age 15. To say Branson loves to start new enterprises is an understatement in the extreme: he is recognized internationally as the man who began the megabrand Virgin. Public record shows that Virgin Group, Ltd. is home to over 200 branded companies worldwide and counting.

Branson’s business interests encompass multiple industries such as retail music and music recording, airline and train travel, fitness clubs, credit cards, vacation travel, entertainment, bridal wear and clothing, bookstores, mobile telephone service, and much more. His latest venture is in the exciting new area of public space travel.

The London Gazette announced Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson’s knighthood in 1999, which the Queen awarded for his “services to Entrepreneurialism.”

Branson makes his home with wife Joan on Necker Island, a private 74-acre paradise located—where else? The British Virgin Islands.

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