How to Write Killer Copy that Converts Tire Kickers Into Cash Cows


In this summary, you will learn….

  • How To Win The War With Copywriting
  • How The Four Big Nasty and Gnarly Problems of Marketing Are Killing Your Sales
  • How To Write “Instantly Traumatizing” Headlines
  • How To Use Power Words To Write “Mind-Blowing” Copy That Grips Your Readers Into Buying
  • What Secrets John Carlton Uses When Writing Copy And How They Can Help You “Crack The Code” On Increased Sales

About John Carlton

John Carlton
“The Most Ripped-Off
& Respected Copywriter Alive”
Marketing Consultant
& Freelance Copywriter,
Author of Kick-Ass
Marketing Secrets

John Cartlon is known in many circles as the “secret weapon,” a world class copywriter and the greatest word-smith alive today.

He’s not much for the limelight so when he is presenting at seminars or events, steal the opportunity to hear this legendary master spill the beans on how he’s permanently raised the ceiling on small and large company profits alike.

John brings an edginess and street-smart savvy to his writing that grips you into reading every word his writes – it’s what makes him a master.

John’s experience in advertising started with an old school education in direct mail. He continued to immerse himself in education and went from a high paid freelance writer to working inside jobs with marketing greats like Jay Abraham and world class copywriters like Jim Rutz.

In the late 1980’s, John was asked by Gary Halbert to run his “big desk” at his Hollywood office- upon which both men grew together, through their ensuing adventures, forever changing the face of direct response advertising.

In his 21 years of a prolific career, he has promoted nearly every product or service used by human beings.

John has turned down over $300K in jobs to work with private clients, cherishing his laziness. If you have the rare chance to hear him speak, take it – his advice is worth millions!

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