Increase Your Sales Through the Power of Psychological Triggers


In this summary, you will learn….

  • How To Increase Your Ability to Control the Mind of Your Prospects
  • How Openly Stating Your Product Flaws Can Increase Sales
  • How to Ignite the Sense of Ownership and Get Them To Buy
  • How to Make Your Prospects Feel So Guilty That They Want To Buy From You
  • How to Trigger A Prospects’ Curiosity and Close the Sale

About Joe Sugarman

Joe Sugarman
Chairman of JS&A Group,
BluBlocker Corp and
DelStar Publishing, Inc
Direct Marketing Guru,
Copywriting Master and
Best Selling Author

Joe Sugaman started out attending electrical engineering college at the University of Miami but left when drafted into the US Army. He served in Germany as Army Intelligence and later with the CIA.

In the early 1970’s, Joe then formed a company to direct market pocket calculators, digital watches, cordless phones, computers and other variety of products. He introduced his products through large, full page ads with extensive copy and a few graphics – something very novel for the 70’s.

He pioneered the industry as his company was the first to use 800 toll-free numbers to take credit card orders over the phone, changing the direct selling process forever.

In 1986, JS & A changed focus from electronics to BluBlocker Sunglasses which he sold through direct marketing ads, mailings, catalogs, QVC and infomercials – having sold over 20 million throughout the world.

Joe Sugarman has achieved legendary fame in direct marketing and is considered a direct marketing guru and top copywriter. He has written books and conducts seminars where he shares his breakthrough strategies for sales and direct marketing. His books include: Advertising Secrets of the Written Word, Marketing Secrets of a Mail Order Maverick, Television Secrets for Marketing Success and Triggers.

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